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The Truth Beneath (2016) Subtitle Indonesia

Release on Aug 27th 2016 Posted by eric kurniawan

Sinopsis :

Yeon-Hong (Son Ye-Jin) is married to Jong-Chan (Kim Ju-Hyeok) and they have a teenage daughter Min-Jin (Shin Ji-Hoon). Jong-Chan worked as an announcer, but he is about to run for election as a National Assembly member. Yeon-Hong is enthusiastic to help her husband’s election campaign. On the first day of Jong-Chan’s campaign, their daughter Min-Jin goes missing. Yeon-Hong becomes desperate to find Min-Jin. She is also devastated by her husband and those around him worrying more about his election campaign. Yeon-Hong begins a frantic search for clues on her daughter’s disappearance.

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Info The Truth Beneath (2016)

Korean Title: 비밀은 없다

Genre :

Casts: Son Ye-Jin - (Kim Yeon-Hong), Kim Ju-Hyeok - (Kim Jong-Chan), Kim So-Hee - (Choi Mi-Ok), Shin Ji-Hoon - (Kim Min-Jin)

Type: Movie

Status: Completed

Aired on: June 23, 2016

Duration: 102 min

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