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The Hunt (2016) Subtitle Indonesia

Release on Aug 28th 2016 Posted by eric kurniawan

Sinopsis :

Gold is discovered in a remote mountain area. Dong-Geun (Cho Jin-Woong) learns about the discovery and heads to the mountain with a group of hunters. An old woman owns the land where the gold is found. She has an argument with Dong-Geun and his men, but she falls over a cliff.

Meanwhile, Ki-Sung (Ahn Sung-Ki) has suffered from the aftereffects of a coal mine incident. He goes to the mountain everyday to hunt. On this particular day, he sees the suspicious group of hunters and chases them. He sees the old woman fall over the cliff.

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Info The Hunt (2016)

Korean Title: 사냥

Genre : ,

Casts: Ahn Sung-Ki - Moon Ki-Sung, Cho Jin-Woong - Park Dong-Geun, Han Ye-Ri - Kim Yang-Soon, Kwon Yool - Maeng Joon-Ho, Son Hyun-Joo - Detective Squad Chief Son, Park Byung-Eun - Kwak Jong-Pil

Type: Movie

Status: Completed

Aired on: June 29, 2016

Duration: 92 min

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