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Korean Title: 스탠바이 아이오아이, 스탠바이 IOI

Genre : , ,

Casts: I.O.I

Type: TV

Country: Korea Selatan

Status: Ongoing

Aired on: May 01, 2016

Duration: 70 - 80 menit

Synopsis :

Standby IOI’ is a sequel reality program showing the debut process of the members who were chosen through ‘Produce 101.’ It will be filled with every movement of the members who are preparing to release their debut mini-album on May 4 and actively promote. We will show their image on set of practice, photo shoots, and of course their recordings.

Daftar Episode Drama Standby IOI

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  • Episode 2 11 June, 2016 Watch Online
  • Episode 1 11 June, 2016 Watch Online
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