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Korean Title: 퍽!

Genre : ,

Casts: Lee Kwang-Soo, Son Soo-Hyun, Jung Hae-Kyun ,Lee Joon-Hyuk ,Kim Byung-Ok ,Kwak Dong-Yeon

Type: TV

Country: Korea Selatan

Status: Completed

Aired on:

Duration: 70 - 80 menit

Synopsis :

Due to his ex-wife’s debt, Joon-Man (Lee Kwang-Soo) had no choice but to work for a gang boss. Even though he has a warm personality, he works as a loan shark. To get debt from an ice hockey coach, Joon-Man joins the ice hockey team.

Daftar Episode Drama Puck!

  • Episode 2 14 January, 2016 Watch Online
  • Episode 2 14 January, 2016 Watch Online
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