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Gangnam Blues (2015) Subtitle Indonesia

Release on Sep 10th 2016 Posted by eric kurniawan

Sinopsis :

Jong-Dae (Lee Min-Ho) and Yong-Ki (Kim Rae-Won) grew up in an orphanage like real brothers. After they leave the orphanage, they make a living by picking up paper and empty bottles. Jong-Dae then becomes involved in a struggle of interests over development in Gangnam, Seoul. In the process, he lives with Gil-Soo (Jung Jin-Young) and Sun-Hye (Seol Hyun) as they accept Jong-Dae like a family member. Jong-Dae also becomes a gang member.

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Info Gangnam Blues (2015)

Korean Title: 강남 1970

Genre : , ,

Casts: Lee Min-Ho - (Kim Jong-Dae), Kim Rae-Won - (Baek Yong-Ki)

Type: Movie

Status: Completed

Aired on: January 21, 2015

Duration: 135 min

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