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A Man and A Woman (2016) Subtitle Indonesia

Release on Aug 26th 2016 Posted by eric kurniawan

Sinopsis :

On a cold, winter day, Sang-Min (Jeon Do-Yeon) asks Ki-Hong (Gong Yoo) for a light. The two strangers have dropped their kids off at a pickup area for a children’s camp in Helsinki, Finland. A spark of mutual interest is ignited between the man and woman.

The man and woman decide to trail their children to the campground. On their way back, a snowstorm forces them to spend an evening at an inn. In the morning, they walk through the woods and to a secluded sauna. They leave the next day without knowing each other’s name.

Several months later, Sang-Min fixes a display at her workplace and sees Ki-Hong walking by. The man and woman are both married, but share a bond that defies their condition.

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Info A Man and A Woman (2016)

Korean Title: 남과 여

Genre :

Casts: Jeon Do-Yeon - (Sang-Min), Gong Yoo - (Ki-Hong)

Type: Movie

Status: Completed

Aired on: February 25, 2016

Duration: 115menit

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